In the beginning Pinnacle Resources (Pinnacle), incorporated in January 6, 1995 under the laws of the State of Wyoming, and then subsequently as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Nevada. Pinnacle Resources currently has offices in Denver, CO, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA and Johannesburg, South Africa.                                        
The Company’s operating plan was geared toward an international natural resource development. For nearly 12 years Pinnacle was publicly listed and traded company on NASDAQ with the trading symbol PNRR.

Historically Pinnacle's operating strategy was to identify promising mining and energy prospects and to acquire land positions and mineral rights. The Company's expertise and financial resources enabled Pinnacle to explore the prospects and identify their potential. Currently Pinnacle is still active in identifying mineral opportunities but it is now more focused on conducting commodity transactions in un-refined gold; un-cut diamonds; bulk oil sales; and consumable goods like sugar, rice, corn, beans, etc.

Management has over 80 years of combined business experience involving a variety of situations where financing, contracting, and, funding has been required. Management personnel has directly funded, underwritten, or brokered a number of mining projects over the years, both in the domestic market as well as in Africa.


Corporate Offices:

     Pinnacle Resources LLC.

     12892 N. Sierra Circle

     Parker, CO 80138

     Cell: 303-908-9766

     Land Line/Fax: 303-841-0465


    Phone: 303-705-8600

     Fax: 303-799-0912
Transfer Agent:
      Corporate Stock Transfer
           3200 Cherry Creek Drive South #430
           Denver, Colorado USA 80209
           Phone: 303-282-4800
           Fax: 303-282-5800
Symbol and Listing:
     PIN Frankfurt Exchange
Shares Outstanding:
     16,795,050 shares outstanding as of February 28, 2005.

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